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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kerala State, India - April-June, 2007

At 6am, in Kerala State, South India, hundreds of colorful fishing boats pull in their catches for the day. As fishing nets are dragged up the beach and fish are transferred to trucks that will ship them to the markets, it is already swelteringly hot in mid-June. Religion in this part of the world is intertwined with everyday life and is never far away.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Berlin, Germany - Fall 2006

A testament to the city's past, remnants of the Berlin Wall still run through much of the city, dividing East and West Berlin. For those interested in world history this is an amazing and humbling place to spend time, as museums, tours and sights around the city remind visitors and residents of WWII as well as the Cold War. If you have a few extra Euro you could buy a piece of the Cold War as your own piece of history, or maybe just engage in a debate with your friends over the controversy of selling off parts of the Wall. For those less into history and more into the arts and party scene, this city is has something for everyone. If you look hard enough you might just find your very own David Hasselhoff pub crawl to attend. Freedom!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - Fall 2006

Nestled away in the Swiss Alps, Lauterbrunnen is an ideal place to clear your fondue and beer hangover with a walk through the valley. The town is surrounded on almost all sides by sheer cliffs with cascading waterfalls. Swiss cows moo at you as you amble slowly by. If you get lost or in a pickle you can always consult your nifty new Swiss army knife. The colors are vibrant and even the cemeteries are lovely...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sailing the high seas of the Aegean

The waters were calm on the Aegean as The Adventurers set out to explore a handful of the Greek Islands. Mykonos, Santorini, Patmos, and Crete were the targets along with a brief expedition to the ancient ruins of Ephesus where rumors of great treasure were circulating around the Mediterranean. Though the booty locker came home empty the scenery was worth the trip. These islands have a great deal to offer any treasure hunter, geologist, theologist, or vacationer.

Newton Stewart, Scotland Summer 2004

Here is a photo taken in Newton Stewart which is located in the south west of Scotland. This adventure involved climbing the highest peak in the area where wild mountain goats were spotted, roughing it on farms where cows were giving birth, and exploring spooky castles located in the greater Newton Stewart area. This is an absolute must when exploring the the United Kingdom.